Buying a puppy


Stage 1: Choosing the right dog

This Question and Answer guide will help you buy a sound and healthy puppy suitable for your living space and your way of life.

The guide provides basic information on the things that you need to consider before buying a puppy, and on how to identify a breeder who takes a real interest in the health and welfare of their pups and in providing continued support to new puppy owners.

You may wish to consider buying a re-homed dog or puppy from a shelter rather than buying a puppy direct from the breeder. This is dealt with later in the guide.

More detailed and breed specific information is available through links on appropriate pages, indicated in blue lettering. Click on these to see the linked page.

To use the guide, simply press the appropriate text or button at the bottom of each web page and follow where it leads you. When blue, the small messages in the footnotes (such as Contact support) are also links