Buying a puppy

Stage 1: Choosing the right dog

Dogs come in many different shapes, sizes and personalities. There is lots of information available on the web about different breeds and non pure-bred types of dog. But this can be confusing. The next few pages of this web site will help you look at some considerations for all types of dog, but before moving to them you should start by considering some simple things like your own strength and energy - and motivation for buying a dog.

Have you got a particular breed or type of puppy in mind?

Even if you know what dog type you want, please click here to access a downloadable page with brief guidance about issues dealt with in more detail throughout this web site. Take a copy with you when you go to look at dogs.

If you have no particular breed in mind, click "no" to access a variety of web based guides. Only if you are really sure what type of dog you want should you click "yes".