Buying a puppy

Stage 2: Finding a trustworthy supplier for your pup - Rehoming

 Puppies may be bought directly from a breeder or from a rescue or rehoming centre or an animal shelter. Breeders will be dealt with in detail in the next few pages.

Rehoming centres charge a fee of about £90-£120 to cover their costs.

Rehoming and rescue centres and shelters will usually have much larger selections of juvenile and adult dogs, and only small numbers of puppies.

  • The shelters will have made a veterinary check on the health of the puppy or dog.
  • They will have microchipped, wormed and vaccinated the puppy or dog. Most rehoming centres also neuter dogs before rehoming.
  • They will have collected as much of the history of the animal as they can.
  • Their own handlers and trainers will have assessed the animals character and temperment.
  • They will ask you to fill in a form, to interact with potential purchase dogs or puppies and to talk to handlers to assess your compatibility.
  • They will make a home visit to you to assess whether your property is suitable for keeping the dog you have chosen.


  • In most cases you will miss seeing the dog develop from a puppy and your input into his/her character and behaviour will be a little reduced.
  • You will have less choice of dog type and know less about the dog's background than you would for most pups.
  • In a few cases you may have to work hard with the dog to regain its trust in its owner and in other humans.