Buying a puppy

Stage 1: Choosing the right dog

Costs: Purchase of a pedigree puppy typically costs anything from several hundred to a few thousand pounds.

  • Puppies and juvenile and adult dogs are also available from rescue and shelter agencies, usually for a small charge to cover some of the shelter costs. This way of buying a dog is covered briefly here.
  • You will need to feed your dog appropriately. Costs vary upwards from about £1 per day (including treats and some variety in the food) depending on breed and size.

But this is only a part of the costs.

  • You will need supplies such as bowls, leads, collars, toys, brushes, a bed and bedding, a crate or indoor kennel etc. You will spend at least several hundred pounds and perhaps considerably more on these items in the first year.
  • Grooming if you do it yourself, means you will need the right equipment (brushes, combs, scissors, electric clippers, shampoo) and costs could be considerably more if done professionally, especially for trimmed breeds (Poodle, Terriers, Schnauzers, Cockapoos/Labradoodles) on a regular basis (every 6 – 8 weeks).
  • Visits to the Veterinary Surgeon for consultations, vaccinations, worming and sometimes expensive treatments and surgeries. Costs range from £200 - £600 per annum in the first year, but can vary considerably dependent on the health of the dog.
  • Insurance premiums vary with dog breed or type but are generally well over £100 per annum (not including substantial excesses).
  • Training with a specialist or professional group will cost several hundred pounds, but is money well spent for the inexperienced owner.
  • The use of a good kennel or pet sitting service for holidays, or other periods of time away from your home but when you cannot take your dog, could cost in the region of £15.00 per day for small dogs and more for larger ones

General Information about owning a puppy is available from the British Small Animal Veterinary Association or the RSPCA.

Information about different breeds of dog and about aspects of keeping dogs is available from:

Are you confident that you can afford food, bedding veterinary bills and insurance for your new dog?